Sunday, July 22, 2007

In the beginning

Today I embark on a project that will be a very long labour of love, filled with hours upon hours of careful modeling painting and writing. The final aim? To Create from pieces of metal and plastic a living regiment, a company of heros. To bring to life mere models, with careful sculpting, labourous painting, and unique writing.

This is no easy task I set to myself, but I accept my own challenge with vigour and detrimination, and I hope to show you my army of heros, from start to finish, as it is created.

Acquiring an army of out of production Praetorian Imperial Guard models is easier than it sounds, as long as your willing to pay over $500 USD; but unless your made of money thats not such a great option. So I'm going to be purchasing most if not all of this army off of everyone's favorite auction house. eBay. I will need to buy over one hundred Praetorian Guardsmen, the good news is that I have already purchased about a dozen, but there are still many more that will be needed for my project.

Captain Steel, CO, Golf Company, 64th Praetorian Regiment, Stationed on Cassius