Monday, June 23, 2008

LONG Hiatus.... ENDED!!!

Well I've been having some family issues so haven't had any time to work on my troops much less post on my blog, but those are mostly over for now so heres some new stuff.

Pictures of what I've got so far, only half the infantry are finished (The sub par ones are by and large in the right two platoons) Almost none of the firesupport squads are done, and of the four tanks only one leman russ is finished, with one malcador being close to ready. The infantry on the far right will become a dismounted dragoon "Platoon" the mounted platoon will be ordered at the same time as the 100 man Lancer squadron

Anti tank Platoon to the left, Fire support platoon to the right
The Malcadors and leman Russes

Sunday, December 30, 2007

The rush begins!!!

Well, All of Golf company is now here, 110 infantry, and 2 full heavy weapons platoons. And I want this all painted by... The 7th of January.

I am insane. But since you already knew that heres a picture of the first of these models (Better quality this time, I promise!) Its one of the new commissars with his head replaced (obviously) This is Lieutenant Gordon Comstock, Third platoon CO, Golf company, His Most Britanic Imperial Majesty's Sixty-fourth Praetorian infantry regiment.

Friday, December 14, 2007

I apologize for the extremely shoddy image quality but I have been unable to find my good camera to take the pictures with and am so relying on a really crappy five year old camera. Still it should give you some idea about the model quality and, in this case more importantly the amount of units that are here. I got these two infantry platoons (plus almost another full squad) and heavy weapons platoon for $150 and it came with a set of 10 ratling snipers and 7 converted roughriders, Cadian style. overall an amazing deal and I'm going to have to get my Friend a very big Christmas present for hooking me up with this. I've already started making the changes and have the heavy bolter squad nearly done in their new colours. The existing command squad will go into service elsewhere in the army and the catachan lieutenant (yes he's in there!) will be replaced with an officer converted from a commissar (I'll have four like that, one for each of the new commissars and one for the forge world DKOK commissar.

Note, the quality of this message has been lowered by high levels of sleep deprivation. I'll fix it in the morning.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Golf Company, Fall in!

Yes!!! YES!!! YES!!!

My great friend Greg has just aquired Golf company for me and I must say, They are splendid!

They are painted to a better standerd than I could paint at present so the only things I have to change are the collars and cuff to my standerd Shadow grey. Theres a full three platoons with command squads and a full heavy weapons platoon without a command squad. The Heavy weapons are being painted to match the uniform of the Praetorian Artillery as outlined by Colonel Gravis in his regiments of foot document.

Also I have apporximatly the same number of models (Unpainted but for three times the cost) now in the mail from great Britain, they shall form Charlie Company of the 64th

When I Save up enough money I'll be buying the DKOK command squad, commissar and two Malcadors.


Sunday, December 2, 2007

Stuff is Happening

Well I'm now broke. I've paid for almost two hundred Praetorians, now all I can do is wait for them to arrive. In the meantime though, I've come up with some new ideas for units. Enter the regimental band! GW already produces Bugler models for the Praetorian Range, but what regimental band has just bugles? Besides, twenty Buglers all posed exactly the same? No thanks! Instead I'll have my Buglers scattered throughout each battalion, PLUS a ten man drummers unit in the Battalion Command. They'll use the New Empire Drums for their instruments and they'll have their lasguns slung accross their back (Or in some cases the opposite) Can't wait for the Praets to arrive so I can get started converting and painting!

Saturday, November 24, 2007


Well right now on ebay I'm buying two platoons of Praetorians, some painted some not. This seller will also be adding another two platoons worth of Praetorians after these auctions and I plan on buying those to so this will give me... seven infantry squads with special weapons, four platoon command squads, six heavy bolter teams, five lascannon teams, three missile launcher teams, and three mortar teams! Holy shit!

I think this will be enough for Golf company, it will be arranged in this layout;

Company HQ

Command Squad (As detailed in lower post)

Lascannon support squad

Missile Support Squad

Pioneer Squad (Special Weapons squad with flamers)

Infantry Platoon

Command Squad, With Plasma and medic

Two Infatry squads with special weapons.

Infantry Platoon
Command Squad, With Plasma and medic
Two Infatry squads with special weapons.

Infantry Platoon
Command Squad, With Plasma and medic
Two Infatry squads with special weapons.

Fire Support Platoon

Command Squad with lascannon

Fire Support squad with heavy bolters

Fire Support squad with heavy bolters

Fire Support squad with Auto cannons

Mortar Platoon

Command Squad with Mortar

Mortar Squad

Thats a big army! And painting it will take quite awhile!

I think I might drop the back packs as I don't think I've done a good job of them, I'm gonna look through the IG range to see if there are any good ones.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I've got 15 Praetorians now, the first infantry squad has been equipped with their standard backpacks and canteens and has begun the painting process. The first command squad has almost finished the conversion stage, the only remaining thing is to change the flamer to the cadian varient. Heres a picture of the first Guardsman to be completed.
I've also added a sidebar with useful links to other cool sites including the good Colonel Gravis's blog for his own Praetorian regiment, from whom I've gotten a lot of inspriation. More pictures as more models are finished.