Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Golf Company, Fall in!

Yes!!! YES!!! YES!!!

My great friend Greg has just aquired Golf company for me and I must say, They are splendid!

They are painted to a better standerd than I could paint at present so the only things I have to change are the collars and cuff to my standerd Shadow grey. Theres a full three platoons with command squads and a full heavy weapons platoon without a command squad. The Heavy weapons are being painted to match the uniform of the Praetorian Artillery as outlined by Colonel Gravis in his regiments of foot document.

Also I have apporximatly the same number of models (Unpainted but for three times the cost) now in the mail from great Britain, they shall form Charlie Company of the 64th

When I Save up enough money I'll be buying the DKOK command squad, commissar and two Malcadors.



dijit80 said...

Sounds great - any chance of pictures?

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