Friday, December 14, 2007

I apologize for the extremely shoddy image quality but I have been unable to find my good camera to take the pictures with and am so relying on a really crappy five year old camera. Still it should give you some idea about the model quality and, in this case more importantly the amount of units that are here. I got these two infantry platoons (plus almost another full squad) and heavy weapons platoon for $150 and it came with a set of 10 ratling snipers and 7 converted roughriders, Cadian style. overall an amazing deal and I'm going to have to get my Friend a very big Christmas present for hooking me up with this. I've already started making the changes and have the heavy bolter squad nearly done in their new colours. The existing command squad will go into service elsewhere in the army and the catachan lieutenant (yes he's in there!) will be replaced with an officer converted from a commissar (I'll have four like that, one for each of the new commissars and one for the forge world DKOK commissar.

Note, the quality of this message has been lowered by high levels of sleep deprivation. I'll fix it in the morning.

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dijit80 said...

looking very good, the colours seem to be nice and sharp, though its difficult to see the detail. You've got a good core force there to build around.